Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences

Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences (BCAS) offers education to migrant communities in Barcelona. BCAS is a collaboration between several stakeholders who believed that the marginalized and vulnerable members of the community can contribute significancy to the development of the society, given the right education.

BCAS diploma carries 30 European Credits and is awarded by its partner UNIES Business School from Germany. As an alternative learning institution, our diploma fits into the skills development category. Our methods, curriculum and faculty members are at par with other alternative learning institutions all over the world.

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Academic Support & Faculty

True to its vision, we at BCAS promote a culture that leads to full personal development. As an alternative learning institution, BCAS strives to come up with creative teaching methods, relevant content, and engaging activities that encourage our learners to become the best versions of themselves for the betterment of society.

We are proud to say that we have always managed to get mentors who are the best in their field. These are the education giants whose shoulders our learners are privileged to stand on:

Elizabeth Soliday-Naui, PhD.


Ms. Fernanda Maria Bonini

Academic Director

Mr. Bailon Jr. Austria De Guzman

Vice President

Ms. Nemel S. Reyes


Mr. Sidney Wuo

Lead Faculty, International Business Management

Ms. Paula Navarro

Lead Faculty, Languages

Atty. Daniel Vacarro Pérez

Lead Faculty, International Taxation

Paz H. Diaz, PhD.

Academic Consultant

Mr. Greg Radzki

Faculty, Communication

Mr. Cosme Marin

Faculty, Restaurant Management

Mr. Hadje C. Sadje

Faculty, Sociology, Religious & Political Studies

Mr. Willem Van Rossem

Lecturer, Hospitality Management

Mr. Pere Ramon

Lecturer, Hotel Management

Mr. Emil Maravillas

Lecturer, Tourism

Mr. Charalampous Petrou

Lecturer, Tourism

Mr. Patrick Naui

Instructional Design Strategist

Academic Partners

International School for Applied Social Sciences (ISASS)

ISASS is building an inclusive community of learners in which welcomes all types of learners without any reservation against age, race, educational background or current stage in their career. What we are offering is for lifelong learners who are striving to be the best versions of themselves and this concept knows no boundaries.

ISASS aims to provide a platform for non-traditional students to hone their talent and showcase their skills. Through our innovative and modern approach to education, ISASS aims to be the “go to” learning institution for lifelong learners at any stage in their educational journey. ISASS aspires to be the premier international school that inspires visionaries and prepares future leaders in their fields who will shape our world for a better tomorrow.

ISASS is a sister school of Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences.

UNIES Business School

BCAS is a partner of UNIES School of Business [University Institute for European and International Studies (UNIES) Germany-Poland-Switzerland]. UNIES School of Business awards the Diploma and Degree with ECTS points.

The UNIES Education Group is an independent, self-governing non-profit foundation with “tax-exempt status” and legally entitled to operate under statutory power of an “European Economic Interest Group (EWIV)”, registerd in Germany, and acts as a private educational institution under European law. The legal basis is Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85, published in the Official Journal L199 of 31.07.1985.

UNIES maintains it´s own Quality Management System regarding the international standard DIN ISO 29990:2010 for learning service providers. DIN ISO 29990:2010 provides a unified standard for learning service providers, including corporations, vocational institutions, and life-long learning centres, around the globe. Certification against the standard ensures that the design, development and delivery of the learning experience you provide meet the ISO requirements.

The UNIES Business School has been founded by cooperation agreement of CH Warsaw Management University (Poland) with UNIES EWIV (Germany).

Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation

The SERDEF was founded in 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises in the country. In particular, it aimed to complement what its partner GO, the UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries, is doing for the small business community.

SERDEF’s vision is to build an enterprising culture within Philippine society and thereby increase the pool of citizens who will seek to generate income and jobs through entrepreneurship and self-employment