Integrated Human Rights

The School of Integrated Human Rights facilitates interactive learning and enhances holistic understanding on human rights. Migrants’ rights, gender, racism and discrimination are part of the discussion.

Human Rights Education is about responsibility in creating and reclaiming sustainable development. The promotion of human rights, responsibility and sustainable development are the pillars of the education. Integrated Human Rights Education will facilitate the capacity of migrants to develop their own analyses on migrant rights, transnational responsibilities and sustainable development.

Current Courses

These current crop of courses are borne out of our recent collaboration with the UNIES Business School at Unies Education Group, Switzerland-Germany-Poland.

Programs on Demand

Our courses respond to the needs of the community. As we endeavor to meet our learners´ demands for skills and knowledge training, we have some programs lined up should a need for them arise. We are ready to serve!

Batch 3 Registration is Now Open

The General Orientation will start on April 26, 2020