Global Studies

Global Studies is a multi-disciplinary program helping our students to understand and analyze how the world is changing. The course emphasizes on global issues such as climate change, international migration, conflict and, violence, social justice, modern slavery, global cultures, and religions. It is designed to provide a better understanding about the complex issues surrounding world events, and putting into context the various political, economic, cultural and religious issues of our time.

The School of Global Studies aims to inspire, motivate, and train students to participate in advocating justice, and human rights and in dealing with the complex structures of globalization.

Current Courses

These current crop of courses are borne out of our recent collaboration with the UNIES Business School at Unies Education Group, Switzerland-Germany-Poland.

Programs on Demand

Our courses respond to the needs of the community. As we endeavor to meet our learners´ demands for skills and knowledge training, we have some programs lined up should a need for them arise. We are ready to serve!

Batch 3 Registration is Now Open

The General Orientation will start on April 26, 2020